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Parota Doors

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Parota Doors


Parota doors come in many shapes and sizes, but what makes them unique wood doors is that they are crafted from slabs of a tropical tree only found in some Latin American countries. Parota has a rich and long history of multiple uses and purposes, but only recently have import mexican doors made an appearance on the international market.

Solid wood mexican doors meet the highest quality standards and will last for ages. Our workshop is made up of expert mexican door manufacturers, artisans in their own right, who will produce the best. Let yourself be amazed by elegant, exotic craftsmanship like no other.


Parota furniture

Create beautiful environments in any space, your space.

Parota Benches / chairs

Discover the possibilities, enjoy.

Parota tables

Unique designs for specific needs and unique costumers

Parota doors

More than just a door, a statement of who you are.

Parota bedrooms

Design a space for the quality time that you deserve.

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